All-Terrain Carts

The robust outdoor case is built for adventure. Wherever you venture in the great outdoors, ZÜCA's durable all-terrain cart holds and protects all your gear. Super-strong, durable and water-resistant, it’s guaranteed to provide a smooth ride over rocks, sand, dirt, snow or any off-road terrain.

What Is an All-Terrain Cart?

ZÜCA’s all-terrain cart consists of a sturdy aluminium frame available in a variety of colours, such as blue, red, pink or black, among others. The frame also has a built-in seat that can carry a weight of up to 136 kg. A bag can be placed inside the aluminium frame. Like their frames, the all-terrain bags are also available in different colours or fun prints and is removable, hand washable and made of premium water-resistant ballistic nylon. Additionally, the cases feature two large, sturdy wheels, equipped with shock absorption that provides grip on any terrain.

What Can You Use the Cart For?

Because the all-terrain cases are suitable for any type of surface, they can be used for various outdoor activities. They are perfect for transporting your sports equipment, your camping gear, your fishing gear, your disc-golf gear and more – the possibilities are endless. The wheels are also suitable for sandy paths, which also makes the cart ideal for a day at the beach. The bags are large enough to store anything from beach gear for the whole family to inflatable pool toys and towels.

The Ideal Sound Cart

Because of their versatility, ZÜCA’s all-terrain carts are widely used by sound engineers and other technicians on film sets. Sound engineers adapt the all-terrain carts to become so-called sound carts thanks to their light weight and large storage capacity, with enough room to carry and move equipment across sets or to interviews. We had the opportunity to interview one of our satisfied customers, a camera assistant, about his work on set with his ZÜCA cart. Curious to hear about his experiences? Then read the blog here.

What’s the Difference Between the ZÜCA Backpack Cart and the ZÜCA All-Terrain Cart?

ZÜCA has developed two different frames that are suitable for every terrain. If you already have a good backpack, you can choose to purchase our ZÜCA backpack cart. The backpack cart transforms your favourite bag into a backpack with wheels. This way you can get to your destination without stress, effort and back or shoulder problems. When you want to take a break, you can easily sit down on the built-in seat.

If you don't have a suitable bag yet or would like a new piece of equipment that you can put together yourself, the ZÜCA all-terrain cart is the best choice. This way you can be sure the equipment fits together well and is made of the best materials.


We also have a wide range of accessories for the all-terrain carts and backpack carts. For example, we sell different bags for under the case, which allow you to transport even more equipment. We also sell seat cushions, mudguards, pouches and saddlebags to make your ZÜCA cart even more versatile. All accessories can be found here.


You can return your all-terrain cart within 14 days of receipt. All products ordered come with an initial 14-day refund period, after which, you have another 14 days to return your order.

Cart & Accessory Warranty

With ZÜCA Europe you can be sure that you are receiving a high-quality product. That is why we offer a 2-year guarantee on our cases and accessories as well as our wheels and handles. The aluminium frame of our all-terrain carts is covered by a constructional warranty. This limited lifetime warranty covers manufacturing defects during normal use.