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ZÜCA Imperial Plaid
ZÜCA Imperial Plaid

    We have trendy sports bags for figure skating or roller derby, school bags with a high-performance score or both boys and girls, and trolleys to store your dance gear. Our original creations appeal to a wide demographic, including both children and adults.

    In the ZÜCA outlet, only new, unused sports and school bags are offered with a significant discount based on the product's condition. Sports or school bags that may have been out of your budget range before are suddenly made affordable for you. In this way, we contribute to the sustainable use of our sports bags and school bags together.

    How does the discount work based on product status?

    After going through the assessment, each product receives an A, B, C, or D status. This status will determine the amount of the discount it receives. The levels are as follows:

    • A - 100% intact - packaging and article are undamaged and unopened; minimum 10% discount.
    • B - Only missing or damaged packaging; minimum 15% discount.
    • C - Minor damage, such as a small dent, scratch, printing error, and end-of-life; minimum 30% discount
    • D - Visible damage, such as a big dent or scratch; minimum 40% discount