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If you work as a makeup artist, you're probably all too familiar with this problem: you're booked on location to work on a client but when you arrive, you quickly notice the lighting conditions are far from ideal. Despite this, you get the job done and are satisfied with the results; the colour of their foundation is a perfect match, the look isn't too intense and their skin is smooth and even-toned. But when you see the finished look in broad daylight, you're shocked – it appears the makeup was applied far too heavily, even though it looked so natural indoors.

Without good lighting, it's almost impossible to apply makeup professionally. This is why a makeup lamp is so important when working as a makeup artist.

Why does my makeup look so different outside than it does inside?

Every lamp gives off light in a different colour, which is why your makeup can sometimes look completely different outside than inside. This is due to the colour temperature of the light you use. When applying makeup, avoid using warm, yellow light as it makes you look more tired. Ultimately, using yellow light will lead to the unintended overuse of foundation. Cool blue light isn't suitable either as it makes you look pale. This can also lead to unnecessarily over-compensating with more makeup, causing the final look to be far too intense.

The best lighting for applying makeup is natural daylight, but this, of course, is not always available. The best alternative to daylight is LED light, the biggest advantage of which is that it can produce different colours of white, capable of mimicking daylight as closely as possible. Because of this, a makeup lamp with an LED light is the perfect solution for professional makeup artists.

What are the advantages of using a makeup lamp?

In addition to being an effective light source when working on clients, a makeup lamp can also be used when photographing the final look or for a photoshoot. Bright white light is flattering on the skin, making the makeup look even better on camera. The use of a makeup lamp is also recommended when filming beauty videos or tutorials; the perfect colour accuracy makes for fantastic results!

What is the best makeup lamp on the market?

The Spekular Lite by Spiffy Gear, launched in cooperation with ZÜCA, is the perfect lighting solution for professional makeup artists and hairstylists who are constantly on the go! With a total weight of 1 kilogram, the Spekular Lite is remarkably lightweight and easy to carry. The Spekular Lite is a uniquely modern set of lights and connectors that can be formed into a triangle, a strip, a panel or any other shape you want. In addition, the light is dimmable to the exact intensity you want without flickering. The Spekular Lite is also designed to be compatible with ZÜCA products; using its magic clip, you can easily attach the light to the handle of a ZÜCA case or makeup trolley.


If necessary, you can return your makeup lamp within 14 days of receipt. All products ordered come with an initial 14-day refund period, after which, you have another 14 days to return your order.


With ZÜCA Europe, you can be sure you'll receive a high-quality product. For this reason, we offer a 2-year warranty on the Spekular Lite.

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