Disc Golf


Disc golf has been very much on the rise in Europe. More and more people are discovering the sport that has blown over from the United States and the number of disc golf courses is growing steadily. Disc golf is an individual outdoor sport, similar in concept to regular golf, but with notable differences. Rather than hitting a ball, a disc is thrown instead. The intention is that the player throws the disc into the basket with as few throws as possible. A disc golf course will usually consist of 12 - 18 holes and the player who needs the fewest throws wins the game.


Some people don’t use the term ‘Disc Golf’, but name it ‘Frisbeegolf’ instead. Some use this term, because Frisbee golf is literally ‘playing golf with a Frisbee’. However, Frisbee golf is not the right way to name it, besides Frisbees and discs are not the same. Frisbee is the brand name that is used to describe flying discs. Frisbees are used for Ultimate Frisbee and playing catch. Discs are different from Frisbees. Disc golf discs are designed to be more aerodynamic than Frisbees. This allows the disc golfer to better control the disc. Also, discs are smaller and heavier than most Frisbees. Most players think that Frisbee golf feels like a downgrade of their sport and agree that Frisbeegolf sounds like a game that kids play, and Disc olf sounds more like a sport for adults.


One of the most important investments when getting into disc golf will be to get yourself a disc golf cart. Remember that you have to bring a bag full of Discs to the track. When you have to lift all of them, your shoulder will be overloaded before the game has even started, meaning you may feel less able to throw. A disc golf cart, i.e. a disc golf bag with wheels, is truly a godsend to help prevent this. With a disc golf cart you can freely organize your Discs as well as easily move the cart due to its sturdy, large wheels that are suitable for any terrain.

We sell numerous reliable models of disc golf carts. These include the Disc Golf Cart, Compact Disc Golf Cart, Transit Cart, EZ Cart, Trekker Cart, Backpack Cart and Backpack Cart LG. All of these carts are high quality but bear in mind that each also offers unique advantages.

For example, the ZÜCA Compact Disc Golf Cart is very suitable for disc golfers who carry a smaller set of discs with them. Or perhaps you already own a good disc golf backpack? Then the ZÜCA Backpack Cart LG will transform your favourite bag into a disc golf bag with wheels.


A big advantage of using a disc golf cart is that you can take many more Discs with you than if you were just carrying them on your back. You can take up to 32 Discs with you in our ZÜCA disc golf cart, which is ideal when you are practicing. This way, you don't have to constantly walk to pick up your Discs. For tournaments it is also nice to have a lot of extra Discs with you, just in case you lose some.

In addition to the fact that you can transport many more Discs with a cart, a disc golf cart also offers much more storage space. For example, you can store a raincoat, food, keys and your phone among other things while playing.

Last but certainly not least, when you purchase a disc golf cart from ZÜCA, you'll always have a seat. When you practice with several people or participate in a tournament, rounds can last very long. But if you have a good disc golf cart, you can sit on it while waiting and stay fresher than the competition.


We also sell useful accessories for disc golf carts. These include various saddlebags with which you can transport even more equipment, and an umbrella holder that protects you from the rain or the sun. Or how about a nice soft seat cushion, so you can sit even more comfortably? View all of our disc golf accessories here!


You can easily return your order within 14 days of receipt, as all of our ordered products have a reflection period of 14 days. After the cancellation, you will have 14 days to return your order.


At ZÜCA Europe, you can rest assured that you will receive a high quality product. That is why we offer a guaranteed 2-year warranty not only on all of our bags and accessories, but also our wheels and handles. The aluminum frame of our disc golf carts even has a lifetime warranty (provided it has been used as intended).


Which Disc Golf Cart is best suited for me?

We sell a variety of Disc Golf Cart models. All of our carts are made to the highest quality, but each offers different advantages and benefits. The cart best suited for you will largely depend on how many discs you want to carry. The ZÜCA Compact Disc Golf Cart, for example, is ideal for disc golfers who only carry a small set of discs. To make the right choice, we recommend comparing the specifications of each cart. If you're still not quite sure, don't hesitate to contact us via live chat.

Which Disc Golf accessories are most popular?

The most popular Disc Golf Accessories are our Seat Cushions, Putter Pouch, Saddle Bags and Rain Cover.

Is the ZÜCA Disc Golf Bag water-tight?

The material of the bag is coated with two layers of polyurethane, so that it has a water-repellent effect, but it is not water-tight. In case of a light rain shower, the drops of water roll off the bag. In case of heavier rain, however, the bag will ultimately become soaking wet. ZÜCA has rain sleeves available for the ZÜCA Sport, All-Terrain, and Disc Golf models.

Soap, detergents and sunlight can have an effect on the water-repellent function. The coating on the ZÜCA bag is well resistant against soap, most household detergents and sunlight.

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