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Backpack Cart & EZ

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ZÜCA EZ Cart / Matte Black
ZÜCA EZ Cart / Matte Black
€210,00 €173,55
ZÜCA Backpack Cart
ZÜCA Backpack Cart
Transform your bag into a wheeled backpack. ZÜCA Backpack cart: effortless, vers...
€250,00 €206,61
ZÜCA Backpack Cart LG
ZÜCA Backpack Cart LG
'LG' Backpack Cart: 50% more capacity than the original. Transform your bag into...
€280,00 €231,41
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Backpack Cart & EZ

Discover the versatile ZÜCA Backpack Carts, the perfect solution for transforming your favorite bag into a practical rolling backpack. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying heavy loads, and move effortlessly on any terrain, whether it's urban streets or suburban landscapes.

ZÜCA Backpack Carts are designed to make your journey more comfortable while avoiding back and shoulder strain. With a built-in seat, you can take a break whenever you need it. Roll your heavy gear, sports equipment, or use it as a convenient disc golf cart, beach cart, fishing cart, camping cart, or even a baseball cart.

Our "LG" cart boasts 50% more capacity than the original Backpack Cart, offering even greater convenience. Lifting the built-in seat provides easy access to your belongings, allowing you to carry a variety of bags and equipment. Whether you're into disc golf, competition sports, or gear hauling, ZÜCA Backpack Carts are the perfect solution for all your needs. Upgrade to effortless travel today!

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