About us


ZÜCA inc. is a forward-thinking company that seamlessly merges fun and function.  ZÜCA inc. has chosen TDBC B.V. as her partner to introduce their ZÜCA products in Europe. We might be small, but we have big dreams and even bigger hearts.


Laura Udall was a dedicated and concerned mother of three. Her daughter Rachel was only ten when she started having severe back pain from carrying heavy books to school.
As a teenager, Rachel was diagnosed with 30 degree curvature spinal scoliosis. From this unfortunate dilemma, Laura saw an opportunity for big change that would help her daughter and many others. She went direct to the source and asked students what they wanted in a school book bag. She enlisted her engineer husband, Nick, to create a carry-all that would spare their young daughter’s back and incorporate many of the design ideas requested by the students.

Like many of the Silicon Valley greats, Nick headed to the garage where he designed and built the company’s flagship product, the ZÜCA Sport. Founded in 2004, tackling chronic back pain and promoting healthy living, ZÜCA was applauded by parents everywhere. And now? An entire ZÜCA family is rolling confidently through the world. Some haul sports gear. Some provide seats for weary business travelers. Some jump curbs just for kicks. Regardless, the ZÜCA story is a happy one. And only just beginning.


ZÜCA is committed to improving lives by designing bold and functional products that revolutionize how people transport their belongings.


ZÜCA luggage has a unique exoskeletal frame that supports up to 135 kg.

Pack and Stack System
Our handy pouches stack like drawers and fit perfectly inside your ZÜCA for easy organizing. No more disappearing socks.

Customs combos
The ZÜCA Sport collection boasts a catalog of over 450 frame and Insert combinations. Want an orange frame with a hot pink insert? We won’t judge. Taste is subjective, after all.

All Terrain Wheels
Our polyurethane wheels absorb shock and roll smoothly on all surfaces. They even traverse stairs with ease.