Ice Skating


In 1908, figure skating first appeared on the Olympic program at the Summer Olympics of Antwerp, and has become one of the most popular sports in the world ever since. Figure skating includes different disciplines, such as solo, ice dancing, pairs ice dancing or synchronized skating.
Figure skating is not an easy sport. Figure skaters who perform at high level, often started training at a young age. Training takes place both on and off the ice. For example, a lot of strength and fitness training is done. Furthermore, the flexibility of figure skaters is trained by doing ballet exercises.


When you practice figure skating, you have to drag your heavy skates to each practise with you. Specifically for figure skaters, ZÜCA has a collection of skating suitcases. The aluminium frame of the skating suitcases are very strong and water resistant. The suitcases contain a built-in seat, so you can always comfortably put on and take off your skates. In addition, the suitcases are equipped with four wheels, which makes them extra user-friendly while climbing stairs. The skating suitcases are great for storing all of your equipment, including your skates of course.


Figure skates are not cheap, therefore it’s a good idea to protect them properly during transport. To provide the right protection and to guarantee long durability, it is important that the suitcase is made out of a strong material, so it won’t break easily when used intensively. It is also important that the bag, in which the skates are transported, is washable. This way your skates and other equipment stay fresh and clean. ZÜCA skating suitcases offer the ideal solution. The skating suitcases are strong, removable, water resistant and hand washable.


The ZÜCA Skating suitcases are available in all colours and creative prints, which makes them real eyecatchers on the ice! At ZÜCA, you can choose from many different prints. Do you like pink? Then choose the ZÜCA Velvet Rain. Do you prefer darker colours? Then choose the ZÜCA Ice Queen, a beautiful dark bag with a graceful skater and rhinestones. On top of that, you can choose the colour of the frame yourself, with or without flashing wheels. There are more than 450 possible combinations!


We also sell various accessories for your skating suitcase, like seat cushions, protective covers, saddlebags, and matching lunch boxes. This enables you to make your skating suitcase even more complete, according to your wishes.


Depending on the country of destination, your skating suitcase will be delivered within 1 – 5 working days.


You can easily return your skating suitcase within 14 days after receipt. All products ordered have a 14 day reflection period. After cancellation, you have 14 days to return your order.


At ZÜCA Europe you can be assured of receiving higher-quality products. Therefore we offer a 2-year warranty, not only on skate bags and accessories, but also on wheels and levers. On the aluminum frame of our suitcases, we even offer a lifetime warranty (normal use provided).

Which accessories are essential when buying a skating bag?

The most popular accessories for the skating bag are saddlebags, seat cushions and Lunch boxes

Is the skating bag waterproof?

The material of the skating bag is coated with two layers of polyurethane, making it water repellent. However, the bag is not waterproof. When it rains heavily, the skating bag will get wet. Therefore, we recommend our protective cover for use in the rain. A simple and effective solution to keep your ZÜCA skating bag dry and clean.

What are the dimensions and capacity of the skating bag?

The skating bag measures 45.5 H x 25.5 W x 33 D and has a capacity of 29 litres.

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