Driven by Disc Golf: The Story of Sofie Björlycke

Driven by Disc Golf: The Story of Sofie Björlycke

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Meet Sofie Björlycke, our passionate ZÜCA Disc Golf Product Ambassador in Sweden. With 15 years of disc golf experience, Sofie combines her love for sports, music, and nature with her role as a dedicated truck driver and mother of two. Join us as Sofie shares her journey into disc golf, her dreams and goals in the sport, and why she proudly represents ZÜCA.

As our ZÜCA Disc Golf Product Ambassador in Sweden, we're thrilled to have you on board! Could you share a bit more about yourself?

My name is Sofie Björlycke, and I live in Sweden. I have been playing disc golf for 15 years. I have 2 children and 2 cats, and I work as a truck driver. My passions are music, dance, and sports. I love to spend time in nature, especially by the water, and I am thankful to live in a place where I get to see and experience all four seasons. I love a slow start in the morning with a nice healthy breakfast and a big cup of coffee. I played soccer and then basketball until I was 20. After some time traveling, I got into fitness for a few years before I started a family. When I was introduced to disc golf, I fell in love with the sport because I got to travel again, meet new people, learn new experiences, experience personal growth, and see the beauty in the world. What continues to drive me is that you can always develop and become better.

What inspired you to discover disc golf? Can you share with us the personal journey that led you to this exciting sport?

I fell in love with a man whose passion was frisbee. I followed him to many tournaments around the world. He thought I should try disc golf and signed me up for a ladies' event in Germany, which was really fun, and after that, I wanted to explore the sport some more. So after our second child was born, I started to play in Europe and became more serious. Disc golf was also a nice activity for our family on the weekends.

What are your dreams and goals within the realm of disc golf?

I always wanted to tour in the States, but the financial opportunity never came. My goals at the moment are to play big events with a high level of disc golf, see and enjoy new beautiful courses, and spend time with my friends. I want to embrace what I love about the sport and not think so much about results.


What was the reason you felt you needed to start using ZÜCA in your sport?

Ever since I first saw a cart several years ago, I thought that it was really nice gear for disc golf. Last season, I injured my back in the final round of a tournament and I had a really hard time lifting and putting my bag down. I managed to finish the round, but it got worse afterward, and I had to withdraw from the next tournament. A few weeks later, I was going to play in the Czech Republic, and I was very worried about my back, but I got to borrow a ZÜCA cart and that made everything different and my worries were gone. I played great and got a second-place finish. That is when I decided that I must have a ZÜCA Disc Golf Cart.

You’re very enthusiastic as a ZÜCA ambassador. Why do you fulfill this role with so much pride?

First of all, it feels good to be a part of a team, working together towards the goal of growing the sport. And it honors me to have support from a well-known company with really good quality gear for disc golf.

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