Janine Hemmes: Padel Pro Meets ZÜCA's New Padel Cart

Janine Hemmes: Padel Pro Meets ZÜCA's New Padel Cart

Professional padel player Janine Hemmes meets ZÜCA and discovers our brand new ZÜCA Padel bag.

Do you already know padel player Janine Hemmes from the Netherlands? This 26-year-old padel player from The Hague is, together with her partner Segou Jonker, the number two padel couple in the Netherlands! Janine is also in the top 150 in the international ranking. In addition to intensive training and playing in foreign tournaments, she obtained her padel trainer's license A this year. Now she also gives padel lessons! She has been active in the world of sports from a young age, specifically tennis and padel.

Our ZÜCA Padel cart is perfect for padel players. Both in amateur sports and for professionals. Janine can go all over the world with her ZÜCA Padel cart! "The bag is easy to take anywhere and is multifunctional because you can also use it as a seat."

Can you tell more about the course of your career and why the ZÜCA Padel bag fits well in your life as an athlete?

“Until I was 18, I played tennis nationally and internationally at a high level. Then I successfully completed my sports studies in The Hague and went to work full-time as a padel manager at a specialist racket store in Schiedam. This is how I came into contact with padel in an intensive way. Because of my tennis background, I picked up this sport pretty quickly and noticed that I was improving more and more. Last April I decided to fully focus on my own national and international padel career and quit my job. A functional padel bag is indispensable. ZÜCA has a wide and unique range of products for various target groups with high quality! Recently I was introduced to the brand new padel cart from ZÜCA. As I said before, it is easy to carry and very multifunctional. I hope many people will discover the benefits of this!”


What makes the ZÜCA Padel bag unique?

As far as I know, no other padel brand has designed its bags in this 'rolling' way. That is unique in itself! The seat that you can use whenever you want is also quite special! There is currently a lot of competition in the market and most padel players are used to carrying bags on their backs. I hope they discover this bag and its benefits!

Do you see potential in the Padel world for this ZÜCA Padel bag?

With sufficient marketing activities, I think that the bag can find a place in the padel world due to the unique appearance of the padel bag. The more known the ZÜCA bag becomes, the more people will discover it. I think there are certainly people who are interested!

Perhaps it is also an idea for the future to come up with something that allows you to completely store/cover a padel racket! I look forward to exploring more of the bag.


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