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Take the load off your back with the ZÜCA Backpack Cart

Take the load off your back with the ZÜCA Backpack Cart

Take the load off your back with the ZÜCA Backpack Cart

Your Backpack can be a trusty companion, comfortably carrying your essentials wherever you roam. Yet, there's a limit to what your shoulders and back can bear. Picture this: you're equipped for a Disc golf tournament. During each round of 18 holes, you're lifting and repositioning your backpack on your shoulders about 3 times on average. That adds up to over 1000 kg... How accurate do you think your throw will be in the end? Probably less precise than your refreshed companion beside you using the ZÜCA Backpack Cart. This is where the ZÜCA Backpack Cart steps in as a game-changer. An innovative solution designed to alleviate the physical strain of carrying heavy loads. It's the next evolution in gear transport, seamlessly transforming your favorite bag into a rolling backpack that lightens the load on your body. Let's delve into this revolutionary cart!

Designed for professionals

Whether you're a sound professional hauling your equipment or an outdoor enthusiast hitting the disc golf course, the ZÜCA Backpack Cart is designed to make your life easier. Enthusiasts of the ZÜCA cart span a wide spectrum, including sound professionals, disc golfers, baseball enthusiasts, fishing activities and many more. Among our top-selling products, this innovation redefines how you transport your gear, conquering any terrain effortlessly.

Especially for Disc Golf professionals we've developed a unique insert, known as the Trekker. This insert serves as a fixed bag that seamlessly fits into the frame of the Backpack Cart. It's a dedicated solution tailored to enhance the disc golf experience, offering ease during your rounds.


Reasons to love the ZÜCA Backpack Cart

When it comes to transporting your gear, the ZÜCA Backpack Cart offers more than just a solution – it provides a set of distinct advantages that make it a must-have companion for your journeys.

1. Built-in Seating

The ZÜCA Backpack Cart's sturdy frame is not just for carrying your gear; it's a reliable seat rated to support up to 130 kg, offering a resting spot whenever needed.

2. All-Terrain Wheels

Equipped with all-terrain wheels and sealed wheel bearings, this cart ensures a smooth ride across any landscape, from urban streets to rugged trails.

3. Versatile Storage

Adaptability is key, and the ZÜCA Backpack Cart excels at it. Its design allows for versatile storage, accommodating various bags and equipment, making it an ideal choice for professionals across industries and outdoor enthusiasts alike.


4. Easy Access

Access your belongings with unparalleled ease. The hinged seat design not only provides a comfortable perch but also grants effortless access to your stored items.

A treat for yourself

Excited? We understand. The ZÜCA Backpack Cart is a gift to yourself where comfort and style harmonize effortlessly. As you immerse yourself in work, sports, or any other pursuit, your gear remains organized and allows you to take a seat whenever needed.

Please note that not every backpack is a perfect match with the ZÜCA Backpack Cart.

We've compiled a list for disc golfers to ensure a fit. Check out our list here.

Ready to transform how you transport your essentials? Order the ZÜCA Backpack Cart online.

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