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Recap: Tyyni 2019, the largest disc golf event in Europe.

Recap: Tyyni 2019, the largest disc golf event in Europe.

By: M. Hoeksema Comments: 0

ZÜCA Europe was one of the sponsors at the biggest Disc Golf Event in Europe last week: Tyyni 2019! It was fantastic to be present. Let's look back on the tournament and the conversations we had with players.


Tyyni was first played in 2013 by a few hundred players. Since then, the event has grown to include nearly 1000 players of 15 nationalities.

In Finnish, Tynni means "tranquil" or "calm". If it's windless, it's Tyyni. During the last event, things were not really "Tyyni!" The players were able to demonstrate their technique in different weather conditions (rain, wind, sun).

Tyyni is a disc golf experience lasting 11 days. But Tyyni is more than Disc Golf. It is a tournament where you can meet your disc golf peers, make new friends and compete for your own personal ranking. It is a pleasant mix of amateurs and professional players who are crazy about their sport and genuinely enjoy each other's games and successes. In short, a great disc golf experience!

New rental program from ZÜCA for Tyyni

We have tested our new rental program this year. Players could use the cart of their choice for €15 per day. We brought various different models: Disc Golf Cart, Backpack Cart, Backpack Cart LG and Compact Disc Golf Cart

For some this was their first introduction, for others it was an opportunity to try out a different model. The carts could be used on 3 of the 6 disc golf courses. In particular, the "Nevas Golf" location was an excellent spot, because Tyyni is played on a beautiful golf course.

Reactions from the players

We received positive reactions from the players who used the carts. Responses varied from:

"It's easier when I don't have to bring my own cart."


"The best solution for your back."


"This should be offered in several places."

It is useful to know that you only need to bring your backpack as hand luggage and that there is the possibility to rent a backpack cart on site -- especially when you are flying.

Is this the perfect cart? Almost -- although of course we would say that! But improvements are always possible and Tyyni offers an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas with users. Disc Golfers like to personalise their carts, we noticed. This can be with a unique colour, but also through a variety of additions to the carts. A lot of good ideas were exchanged, some of which are certainly worth looking into and, where possible, adding to the range in the future!

Tyyni 2020, here we come!

All in all it was a pleasant, inspiring and educational week in a great atmosphere. Definitely worth a visit and worth repeating, even for the non-disc golfers among us.

By: M. Hoeksema, Director of Operations - ZÜCA Europe

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