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Getting ready for the ice rink

Getting ready for the ice rink

By: Lotte Bolhuis, Dutch Figure Skater Comments: 0

The night before an important competition, I make sure to pack all my things in plenty of time. I do this to ensure that I don't forget anything. In the past, I was sometimes so nervous that I forgot to put something in my bag and only realised at the crucial moment. My bag was always a bit disorganized, although I am actually a very organized person. It was not necessarily me but the bag. After this had happened several times, I realised it was time for a new bag, and then I discovered ZÜCA.

I had seen ZÜCA's suitcases in the changing rooms of the various ice rinks I frequented. Most of the suitcases were decked out with different colours and motifs, some of which had little cuddly toys attached. I really like simple designs, so all these fancy designs weren't entirely my thing. When I went to look at the ZÜCA website, I saw that they also had enough suitcases in one specific colour so I chose to purchase a completely black suitcase (ZÜCA STEALTH).

Since I bought this case, I can't live without it anymore. Because the suitcase has so many different storage compartments, I can store everything in a very organized way and also find things very quickly, which is very important on a competition day. My skates fit exactly in the large storage compartment, and because the frame is made of aluminium, the suitcase is not at all heavy and easy to carry. The construction is really solid and well put together, which means that you can also sit on the suitcase. When I received the case, it was delivered with a frame with luminous wheels. The frame of the case has 4 wheels, which allows the case to be rolled up stairs without damaging the frame. Two of the four wheels have the luminous mechanism, which means that if you exchange the wheels, the bag can also roll without the lights.

When people ask me if the ZÜCA case is worth buying, my answer is always a resounding 'YES!'. All the things you need on a competition day are at hand in one case, which can also be used in many different ways. I haven't yet come across anything like this in my sport and I really wouldn't want anything else!

- Lotte Bolhuis, Dutch Figure Skater

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