On the Floor: Hairstylist Ilham Mestour

On the Floor: Hairstylist Ilham Mestour

So many people, so many suitcases. Right? Our loyal ZÜCA fans include Ilham Mestour. In her daily life, she is a freelance hair stylist and Global Artistic Director at Keune Haircosmetics. Ilham has made a very successful career in the world of hairstylists and her work has been showcased in several fashion shows and graced the covers of some of the biggest magazines, like Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair and Harper's Bazaar. She works with and for the greatest. Not only as a hairstylist, but also as a professional traveller, Ilham is a dedicated ZÜCA lover. That's why we were able to ask her a few questions:

What are you most proud of in your career?

"I am most proud when I can share my knowledge/experience and passion for the profession with colleagues and future talent through my story; how I started and what I have achieved in my career.

What kind of projects do you prefer?

"I always strive for the right balance in my work and to provide education because I secretly find this is the best there is: to motivate and inspire hairdressers. But to inspire I also do a lot of shoots and work with international models/celebrities. I travel all over the world and learn so much from different cultures.

The most beautiful project I worked on last year was really BECAUSE WE CARRY. Thanks to Keune, we were able to open a beauty salon and a barbershop and teach people how to cut and colour.

BECAUSE WE CARRY is an organization that helps refugees to return to a normal society."

If you want to learn more about BECAUSE WE CARRY, please visit their website:

I can imagine that you travel a lot, which ZÜCA products do you use?

"ZÜCA Pro Artist, in combination with Backpack Pro Artist."

Are you an organized ZÜCA user or is your suitcase often a bit of a mess?

"Well, my suitcase was always a mess before I used ZÜCA :). But since I've been using ZÜCA, I've been so organized and everything is neat and tidy."

What doubts did you have before you started using a ZÜCA?

"I never really doubted it. I saw it at a hairdressing salon and thought: this is a strong and compact suitcase ideal for travelling.”

Why did you decide to use ZÜCA products and not choose another solution, for example?

"Before I started using ZÜCA, I tried all sorts of things. But I noticed that a lot of things broke down faster and it was always a mess. I have used all kinds of suitcases and bags and I noticed that I always had too many bags and suitcases with me, especially when travelling; when I arrived everything was mixed up again.

Since I have had ZÜCA, I travel around the world with one suitcase and have everything with me. I never have to worry about my things breaking down or forgetting anything. Using a ZÜCA suitcase has made my job a lot easier and, as a result, I’m organized and have a better overview. All my curling irons, straighteners and hairdryer are in my suitcase. People are always surprised when I arrive with a small suitcase, what comes out :).

The backpack is really my favourite. There's so much in it, sometimes I'm really amazed at how much you can put in a bag. Previously, I really had to buy a new suitcase every year. Now my ZÜCA has been around for so long, it's really my favourite."

What tips do you have for our ZÜCA loving hair and make-up stylists?

"I would like to give all my colleagues a tip: if you travel a lot, always make sure you check the screws before you start flying. I always have a screwdriver in my side pocket (they are not careful with our suitcases)."

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