Teijas Skateshop: Pioneering ZÜCA Bags in Europe!

Teijas Skateshop: Pioneering ZÜCA Bags in Europe!

ZÜCA bags continue to be a hit at Teijas Skateshop. Teijas Skateshop, a figure skating company in Stockholm, Sweden, is one of the first in Europe to sell our ZÜCA bags in the store. The shop has been in the figure skating business for nearly 30 years. Teija tells us more about her shop and why ZÜCA fits right in.

What made you decide to start your own business? And can you tell us more about Teijas Skateshop?

I am a foreign skater, coach, and judge and have good knowledge to help skaters find the right skates and textiles. That's where it started! Now, Teijas Skateshop consists of a team of five specialists: Carolina, Linnea, Nellie, Ida, and me. All of us were active competitive skaters and are still active in the skating world. Our background in the sport allows us to recommend the right equipment for skaters of all levels. You can come to us for skates, competition clothes, training clothes, bags, training accessories. We offer everything you can think of for the sport of skating. When choosing new skates or other supplies to practice the sport, we provide personal advice and tips.

Why are ZÜCA's bags an addition to your product range?

ZÜCA is very popular among figure skaters. The bag is suitable for skates and all accessories and is easy to pull. Even if you are a younger skater, you can bring your own bag to the rink with all your stuff inside! We first saw the bags on the internet and decided to try a few. It was a great success, so we decided to keep selling ZÜCA. The interest is still there.

What do you think of the cooperation with ZÜCA?

Personally, I think we have a good cooperation with ZÜCA Europe! Monique and her colleagues gave us clear, good information and inspired us. We are pleased with our cooperation and proud to be one of the first physical outlets selling ZÜCA bags.
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