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The All-Terrain Carts from ZÜCA

The All-Terrain Carts from ZÜCA

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Modern life features a lot of movement. We have to go to work, the gym, school, parties, and at the same time, we need to find some time to go on holidays. In any case, you can’t live without some time off for relaxation.

As we move around, we usually carry heavy bags that are filled with sportswear, laptops, documents, and other necessary items. Transporting such items back and forth might not be easy. If you carry them in a backpack, you may even end up with serious health issues like chronic back pains. No one wants to suffer even the slightest back pain, so you might appreciate an alternative to these large and heavy backpacks.

It can also happen that you have to wait for someone, while you would rather sit down. But of course you can't find a bench anywhere, and the large bag on your back starts to weigh more heavily every minute. We have a solution for that! ZÜCA developed the innovative ZÜCA all-terrain cart, to address these challenges and create a mobile luggage option for all terrains.



ZÜCA's all-terrain cart was developed specifically to address the challenges of traditional bags. This mobile baggage option is elegant and sturdy and can transport luggage and equipment over different types of terrains. The cart is made with an aluminium frame and is available in different colours. It has two large wheels that make it possible for you to use it on all types of surfaces. On the inside of the structure, there is a polyester bag that can store all your goods. The bag is strong and water-resistant, and it can easily be cleaned and maintained.


The ZÜCA all terrain cart is highly versatile and can be used for many purposes. Since it is sturdy, it can be used for all types of outdoor activities, including camping and fishing. You can even carry it when going for a day at the beach. It has a large internal space and can be used to store beach towels, inflatable toys, a parasol, and even lunch for a large family.



Many disc golfers use the all terrain cart as their disc golf bag. This is because it can fit all their discs and can be pushed through sand and grass. In addition, the all-terrain cart can be used as a movable seat in between games.

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For sound technicians, ZÜCA's all-terrain carts can be modified to carry all audio equipment between the film sets and interviews. These types of all terrain carts are called ZÜCA sound carts. There are many videos about ZÜCA sound carts on YouTube. There is even a Facebook group about it where people share their ideas about how to modify the all terrain cart into a sound cart.

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In short, fishermen, campers, sound engineers and tennis players will all find an ideal solution for their specific needs in this easily adaptable product.



The founding of ZÜCA was inspired by a stressed mother who wanted to help her 10-year-old daughter with her back pains. The back pains resulted from carrying heavy backpacks with lots of school books. The goal of the company is to improve life by enhancing the way people move products from place to place.

This mission can clearly be seen in the features of ZÜCA's products. For example, they use sturdy and lightweight materials that allow easy operation. You will not need to carry it on your shoulders, and even pushing it will be a breeze.

Each aluminium frame used for their products has a built-in seat that can accommodate up to 135 kg. The carts also have big polyurethane wheels that absorb shock. To make them more adaptable to different situations, the carts are designed to be modular. You can select your colour combination and include ZÜCA's handy pouches. These can easily be organised inside drawers. The carts have 27 different accessories and offer you many different options for personalisation.


ZÜCA carts come in two different models: the all-terrain carts and the backpack carts. The backpack model can be used along with your favourite backpack. It can convert your bag into a cart on wheels. The other model is the all-cart model which can be used to transport goods on different types of terrains. You should note that the two models are available in different colours and come with different accessories. The parts of the bags can be purchased individually, and this means you can personalise the bags to suit your preferences perfectly.

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