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The Best Disc Golf Courses in the World

The Best Disc Golf Courses in the World

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Disc Golf Courses Around the World

The beautiful weather is almost here again! That means it is time to start planning your outdoor activities. A fun, but perhaps unfamiliar outdoor activity you may want to consider is disc golf. It's a fast-growing sport worldwide with rules similar to the traditional game, which essentially make disc golf the frisbee version of golf. Players have to complete a specific course in as few throws as possible with the ultimate goal of reaching the pole hole, a round metal basket on a stand.

Disc golf courses can be found in a variety of locations: around the beach, in the woods or large open fields. Disc golf can be played anywhere a pole hole can be found.

More and more people are discovering the sport, both professionally and at an amateur level. Given it is an accessible, relaxed way to keep fit, it's no surprise why. The pandemic also helped accelerate the growth of the sport thanks to its outdoor setting where players can be easily spaced out. Disc golf is easy to learn, fun for young and old and can be enjoyed at all levels. Furthermore, many disc golf courses are free and, therefore, accessible to everyone. The fact that disc golf is easy to learn, however, does not mean that it's easy to master. Many elements influence the way disc golf is played. For this reason, it remains a challenge every time and it never gets boring. As with most sports, practice makes perfect, which is why we've created a list of the best disc golf courses worldwide.

Disc golf in Austria

With 39 courses in Austria, there is plenty of disc golf fun to be had here. One of the highest-rated disc golf courses in Austria is Wiener Prater Disc Golf Course in the town of Vienna. Located in a partially wooded area, it has great views and excellent parking facilities. Moreover, you can come and play for free, which makes it especially convenient. On such a large course, it is nice to be able to relax now and then while waiting for other disc golfers. ZÜCA's disc golf carts, which include a seat, make this possible. Additionally, a disc golf cart is an ideal place to safely store your belongings, such as your phone, wallet and lunch box. And with the accessory pouch from ZÜCA, you have everything within reach. Just click it onto the disc golf cart and you're ready to play all day long in Austria.

Disc golf in Finland

The selection of disc golf courses in Finland is enormous. Among the approximately 1,000 courses, there is something for everyone. One of the most popular disc golf courses in Finland is Puijo. This course is situated around a ski slope and is known for its wide-open paths and narrow forest slopes. The varying height differences, combined with considerable wind, form a challenge for disc golfers. Will you be able to finish the disc golf courses in Finland in as few throws as possible?

Disc golf in Sweden

In Sweden, there are plenty of opportunities to learn disc golf or to simply improve your skills. One of the most famous disc golf courses in Sweden is Järva, which is located in a beautiful hilly area. This course regularly hosts tournaments where the greatest disc golf talents from all over the world come to play. Want to attend a world tournament one day and play on the same course the next? It is all possible here. Disc golf in Sweden is a must on your bucket list. Who knows, you might soon be playing on the same course as former world champion James Conrad.

Disc golf in Estonia

Disc golf course Jõulumäe in Estonia is aimed at both advanced players and beginners. The course consists of 3 routes for different levels, which keeps it challenging for professionals but also fun for new players to enjoy. This disc golf course in Estonia is situated in a forested area with hills. On this bumpy terrain, the use of a disc golf cart from ZÜCA is incredibly beneficial. Because of its sturdy, large wheels, you can easily move the cart and your discs over the rough mountain paths. Due to the challenging landscape of this course, you will never get bored here!

Disc golf in Denmark

Denmark, with 127 courses, is in the top 10 best disc golf countries in the world with Vojens DGP being one of the most popular among connoisseurs. It was founded in 2017 by three guys with a true love for the sport. After weeks of digging, cutting and sawing, the first disc golf course in Denmark was opened on 20 August 2017. It is a 100% official disc golf park, which means that there is artificial grass, tee pads and tee boards. The professional course design ensures good variety while also focusing on player safety. Come and visit this disc golf course and have fun!

Disc golf in Iceland

Do you want to take it easy and improve your skills on a flat disc golf course? The course at Guðmundarlundur is well maintained and specially designed for new players to throw their first discs, yet technically difficult enough to challenge more advanced players. On top of that, the beautiful forest located close by will surprise you. We highly recommend playing disc golf in Iceland.

Disc golf in Norway

Disc golf is also a popular sport in Norway. Krokhol in particular is known for its beautiful course in the open countryside. This course is situated at the edge of a forest, 20 minutes from the city of Oslo. The peace and quiet of the course don't just attract disc golfers; if you're lucky, you just might come across beavers, deer or rabbits while playing a round. Moreover, the course will never leave you bored. Due to the variety of heights, narrow and wider forest paths and water holes, the course is always challenging. Come and visit this breathtaking disc golf course in Norway and experience it for yourself.

Disc golf in Germany

The disc golf trend has not gone unnoticed in Germany. At present, it has about 250 courses located throughout the country. Want to know more about these courses? In our blog about disc golf courses in Germany, we highlight the best courses for you!

Other disc golf courses worldwide

Due to its growing popularity, the sport is spreading rapidly. There are disc golf courses in every country. Most notably, the disc golf courses in the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and the US are high on the list of most popular. No matter where you are in the world, there's no doubt you will be able to experience this emerging sport for yourself. It's certainly worth a try!

Disc golf carts

Is disc golf your passion or do you plan to play it regularly? If so, buying a disc golf cart is worth the investment. Not only will it make playing easier, but it will also save you from the shoulder and back pain caused by carrying your gear. It even looks more professional. Check out our wide range of disc golf carts here. If you already have a suitable backpack, you can easily transform it into a bag on wheels with one of our backpack carts to lighten your load during game time.

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